H is about  a kind-hearted homeless man is befriended by a desperate waitress named Linda, looking for a way out of her abusive relationship. H does a “good deed” for her one day and this sets their story in motion. After H has a rough night on the street, he does some soul searching. He ends up at a diner where Linda happens to be working at. They become friends and figure out a way to escape their lives. Their story takes a compelling twist as they execute “the plan” and H starts a new beginning.

Barry Rhodes, 42 years old, an almost pro ex-pitcher and now somewhat absentee father, is bent on turning his 16-year-old son, Oliver into a professional baseball player. When Oliver has a change of heart about his passion for baseball, one of the only things they share in common, Barry struggles with Oliver’s flippant attitude as well as his own feeling of inadequacy. Without consciously doing so Barry realizes that he has become the man he’d promised he’d never become, his father.